Tile tables

Original hand painted tiles from Marianna

The wooden tables are built of a dense wood with a smooth texture. Beautifully crafted, they were decorated using the original design of the artist. The author painted and sanded each table base by hand, a process which gives a casual charm to the tables and makes each one unique. Hand distressed finish of the corners and ornaments reveal the bottom layer of paint (blue, red, and brown) which harmonizes with the colored drawings of the ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tabletops are drawn by hand using an original design.

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Wood Table for Entrance

“Woman’s Fashions of the Nineteenth Century”

Height: 31 7/8″
Table Top: 41 5/8″ x 10 9/16″

This elegant table will introduce the grace of classicism into your interior. The smoothness of the shape and circularity of the tiles reflects the sensuality of women dressed in the mid-19th century fashion.

The Table Top is designed with 12 round tiles with the diameter of 6”. Each picture, portraying charming women’s fashion is characterized by the fineness of the lines and the abundance of detail. For the background, black or white small square tiles (2 ¼”) are used.
This table can be fastened as a shelf on two legs (as in the photo), or as a console table on four legs. The table is painted in antique white and is distressed so as to give it an aged look.

Wood Coffee Table
“Blue and Yellow Butterflies “

Height: 14 1/4″
Table Top: 38 7/58″ x 20 1/8″

This coffee table will give you an opportunity to create the atmosphere of a sunny summer day in your house. The bright butterflies painted yellow and blue seem just ready to take off from the flower and fly away!

The table is laid out with 11 square tiles (6”), arranged in the form of a rhombus. The 8 tiles portray flowers and butterflies, and the three square and 12 trianglular tiles are drawn blue plant ornaments, determining the general geometric design of the ceramic tabletop. The finish of the composition is a bulging ceramic blue linear rope, bordering the tile mural.
The décor of the white painted wooden base of the table ideally supplements the design of the tiles. The table has a lower shelf with a beautiful border for keeping magazines or for displaying your favorite things. The legs and the table-top are embellished by a wooden ornament, which gives an old fashioned look to the table, by erasing the top white layer. As a result, on the bulging parts of the ornament, the bottom blue layer of paint appears.

Wood End Table

“La vie dans le chateaux du moyen age”

(“Life in a medieval castle”)

Height: 20 1/8″
Table Top Outside Dimension: 19 3/8″ x 19 3/8″

The Medieval age with all it’s mysteries, even now an unexplored time, inspired the author to create such an original work of art. The drawings in the frames are copies of miniatures from the 15-th century, on a theme of the daily life of the medieval feudal lord. These miniatures were found in French museums, which stored figures kept from the Middle Ages: a medieval castle, a living room where a feudal family listened to the songs of the troubadour, lunch in the dining room and the office of the feudal lord.

The top-table is designed by 4 square tiles (6”) and eight triangular tiles. The drawing is made out of various shades of brown, with the elements of red added in.The Wood base of the table is made in the style of medieval furniture, simulating ancient technologies.The table is colored with 2 layers of paint: bottom layer is red, and the top layer is brown.
The wood ornament is enhanced by erasing the top brown layer and revealing the bottom red layer. As time goes, and the table gets older, the appearance of the bottom red layer on the scratches and abrasions will only give the table an old fashioned and individual look. The table also has a lower shelf for books or potpourri.

Wood Telephone Table

“Wine Grades of Grape”

Height: 29 5/8″
Table Top: 14 3/8″ x 14 3/8″

This minor table on high legs can be comfortably placed near your favorite arm chair, inviting you to have a rest and drink a cup of wine. Four grades of grapes used in winemaking are drawn on it.

The tile (size – 6”) is ornamented in blue color. The original author’s technology of the drawing on white clay allows lucidity and volume to be in the grape bunch.
A unique charm is given to the table by its legs decorated with an ornament in the form of grape clusters. The table also has an additional lower shelf.

Metal Console Table

“French Baroque Fashions”

Height: 28 3/16″
Table top: 41 3/4″ x 11 1/8″

This black metal table has sleek, simple lines. It’s top is beautified with four rhombuses 6” and ten triangular tiles.

On the square tiles are depicted mirrors, in which we can see a reflection of a lady in a dress of Baroque fashion. The drawing on the tiles were made using a particular technique – white contour lines are not drawn on the surface of the oval “mirror”, but instead are graven in it.
This gives an original mirror-like gleam to the image. The triangular tiles form a framework for the mirror, imitating metallic open wires. Bordering the tile tabletop is the mosaic from the black ceramic.


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