Ceramic projects

This is a map of the United States that I am trying to cover with my tile projects. If you are from a “grey” state you are very very welcome to do some art ceramic project with me!


Hand painted ceramic tiles, created specially for you
Custom made tiles, from designs of your own choosing, will transform the interior of your home into an elegant statement of your unique and individual taste.

Hand-painted tiles of the highest quality give class to a fireplace, dress up the kitchen backsplash, or add an element of interest to the wall above the bathroom. Tiles adapt themselves to any decorating style: country, southwest, classical, romantic, or Victorian.

With an unlimited subject matter, tiles may depict animals, birds, flowers, herbs, landscapes, still life, and much more, including abstract designs. A single tile adds interest to a room, while a group creates a stunning arrangement.

In my work, I mainly follow the izraztsy style, highly popular in Europe, including my native land of Russia.
Special techniques and diversity of subject matter render these custom-made tiles a unique art form.
To learn more about izraztsy tiles and the way I create them, see:
How I work

I composed this page to show you the process of making tiles to order, using an example of one of my works. This page will also introduce you to the wonderful world of art on tiles.

If you, before making the choice, want to know more about decorative tiles or about different styles of ornament, I can offer you to look at the numerous albums out of my personal Library.

If you are interested in the history of ancient Russian ornamental tiles, you can learn about it on Historical Outline page.

Some of the ornamental techniques that I employ have their own interesting history. To learn more about them, see Art lessons & Pattern design page.

This website shows samples of my work from various collections. See
Tile projects
to find samples and ideas for fireplace facades, walls, and other uses.

I value each customer’s unique traits and delight in creating new collections that reflect individual interests, tastes, and experiences. I enjoy working in cooperation with the customer who chooses every detail of tile design.

Some tiles for murals, tile tables, small tile works you can buy already finalized. See

Tile collections,

Tile Tables

and Ideas for Gift.

My hand-painted ceramic tiles, created specially for you, will lend

a delightful, personal touch to the heart of your home.

The cost of one hand drawn tile (6″ by 6″) depends on the complexity on the tile design and can vary from $15 to $60.