Fine art

Paintings for Artventure – art classes in my studio Art-Lab and Art Activity Guidebooks of art projects woven into gripping adventures.

Architectural tile projects


Backsplash “Wild World in the kitchen” (92 tiles 8x8in)


Fireplace “Near my home” (18 tiles 6″x6″, 17 tiles 3″x6″)


“Art Nouveau Dress for Fireplace” (17 tile 4″x4″)


Mural for bathroom “Window to Ocean” (6 tiles 8″x8″)


Tile decor for kitchen “Wedding China of My Mom” (12 tiles 6″x6″)


Tile decor for hallway “Four Amphoras” (36 tiles 6″x6″)


Backsplash for kitchen “Vew from my window” (12 tiles 6″x6″)


Stove with tiles “Rissian Izraztsy of 17th century, reconstruction”


Backsplash for kitchen “Irises bred by Sass family” (18 tiles 6×6)


Reconstruction of old tiles Deruta Italiana (12 tiles 8×8 in) – (created by Svetlana Zavgorodneva)


Backsplash for kitchen “Flowers in Art Nouveau stile” (36 tiles 4×4 in)


San Diego on ceramics and canvas


San Diego landscapes painted in Leonid Okun’s art class.


Tile handicrafts


Ceramic tricks