Tile projects

Basic idea! The chosen tile set can be installed as ceramic picture on a wall as framed mural or as hand painted tiles built into industrial tiling.

Project 1. Historical tile

Ceramic art is one of the oldest achievements ever made by mankind. History left us as heritage numerous patterns of decorative tiling made by consummate masters. Hand made tile that reproduce the ancient master’s work will adorn your interior. This could be a random array of droplets in an “antique” style, or a mural repeating a part of a ceramic wall in some certain epoch.

On the left you see my ceramic interpretation of cave art. («Message on stones”, private collection of author.) Cave art is one of the first attempts of human to adorn the walls of their home… I mean caves.

Two-color medieval tiles, which have a yellow design set against a red-brown background (some times it can be the other way round) took place in France towards the 12-th century.

For example, on the right is a magnificent roundel from the abbey church of Saint-Pierre-sur-Dives, France, 1235-1245.

The golden age of the tile-making in Russia was in the 17th century. During this time russian craftsmen made relief tiles (In Russia names as IZRAZTSY) with a glaze of five colors: turquoise, blue, yellow, brown and white.

In present day izraztsy art is going through a time of revival. Izraztsy chimneys, “antique” tile décor is very in fashion in Europe and Russia.

Look at the websites with beautiful tile works of modern tile-artists:

Art Nouveau, that appear in the end of 19-th century, was a dramatic decorative art movement that strived to change the traditional decorative style. This style was generally characterized by organic, sinuous lines and animated curves. Art Nouveau tiles are being seen and treasured once again by throngs of collectors and appreciators of this beautiful ceramic art form.

Project 2. Fireplace facade “Near My House”

Express your unique personality through the creation of a fireplace facade that reflects your special interests and values. I love nature, and the fireplace facade shown in the illustration reflects that love. These plants grow around my home, and, intrigued by their simple, but elegant lines, I drew them on ceramic tiles, using the classical techniques of my craft. The resulting facade adds a touch of nature to my urban home.

The dark blue monochromatic color scheme has roots deep in tradition. Each tile boasts a distinct illustration, but the repetitive border unifies the entire work and produces a harmonious mood, pleasing to the eyes.

Using your favorite plants, create your own fireplace facade that makes a statement about who you are and what you love. Instead of “wild growing” plants, you can also decorate your fireplace with your favorite natural flowers from your garden or with a bunch of flowers in a vase. You feel more comfortable in a home that expresses your personality.

Project 3. Grape fireplace

Since the dawn of history, the grape motif has captured the artistic imagination. Like most people, you probably love to eat grapes and take pride in the wines you serve.

If so, you may find the grape motif an appropriate one for the decor of your kitchen or fireplace. Try combining such varieties as Cabernet, Sauvignon, Merlot, or Chardonnay to create a dazzling, personal collection.

This fragment called “Grape Fireplace” illustrates the cooperative effort I seek between customer and artist. As soon as the customer decides the details or ideas of the proposed work, I paint the tiles. I scan them and transmit them to a computerized design for the customer’s approval.

With grape leaf motif borders, I can adjust the tile size. I used five different ones in this fireplace fragment. As you choose the details, you create a personal vineyard destined to become a delightful conversation piece.

Early artists used the classic cobalt blue in their work. It appeared in ancient Chinese ceramics, Japanese porcelain, and, eventually, in the famous Dutch Delft tiles.

Today’s unlimited variety of hues allows you to match any color scheme in your home. This illustration depicts a tiles in green and cherry red.

Project. 4 My favorite set of dishes

You probably see your heirloom china through the eyes of your mother, who received them on her wedding day, or perhaps through the eyes of an ancestor who carried it across the Atlantic. Time has faded some of the patterns and produced a few chips, yet these very imperfections enhance their sentimental value.

“My Mother’s Wedding China” shows an actual collection of heirloom dishes. I relied on memory to recreate the missing sugar bowl and cake plate.

After you decide which dishes you want to display, I will create an artistic collection for you. Let your imagination dictate their use as you group them into a single tableau or scatter them around the kitchen.

Project 5. My favorite collection

What do you collect?

Capture its charm in a collection of hand-painted tiles. Whether you collect teapots or dolls, hats or bells, tiles depicting that special interest will add a personal touch to the decor of any room.

Imitating a Tom Tierney style, I created this collection of period clothing.

“Women’s Fashions of the Eighteen Century”, in red, transforms a simple hallway table into an elegant statement of personal interest.

My hand-painted tiles will add charm to any room of your house. Is your kitchen too somber? Use tiles to add touches of color. Does an empty wall bother you? Turn it into a masterpiece of beauty with a collection such as this “View from My Window”.


I create custom orders to satisfy the needs and desires of the individual customer. Your purchase brings the guarantee of a unique collection of hand-painted tiles.

The cost of one hand drawn tile (6″ by 6″) depends on the complexity of the tile design and can vary from 15 to 60 dollars.

You can ask questions or make order by my e-mail: mariannaartstudio@gmail.com